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Hi, My name Is spikee and I'm the Author of this post. I have been active on various cnc communities over the past few years. On this website I share tips&tricks, reviews and intresting resources relating to diy cnc and cnc router topics.

PrintNC Mini : New meta 1000$ DIY CNC ?

Print NC mini PrintNC mini cnc diy cnc

The PrintNC is a open source metal cutting CNC machine that was designed to be more capable and professional than the current offering of DIY open source cnc machines. In the past few months its little brother the PrintNC Mini…

88$ JMC IHSV57 180W DC servo motor

JMC IHSV 57 JMC servo motor 180W

Introduction Are you looking for a low-cost servo motor for your DIY CNC machine? The JMC IHSV57 180W DC servo motor may be the perfect choice for you. This servo motor has gained popularity in the DIY CNC field in…

BB TOOLS store aliexpress 5% discount

BB Official Store - Small Orders Online Store on

5% discount coupon for BB tools store on aliexpress. BB tools sells various low cost end mills, milling cutters and more. Get it here What is Aliexpress? Aliexpress is an online retail service that offers a wide variety of products…