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ASDA-M 3 axis ac servo drive for gantry cnc milling machines


While looking for a Integrated AC servo drive solution for my MightyMill build, I was tipped by the machine builder DamenCNC to look at the Delta ASDA-M series of AC servo drives for my gantry based cnc router.

In this article I’ll share some of the highlights that this product has to offer and my opinions regarding it.

What is the ASD-M AC servo drive?

The ASDA-M series goes beyond the typical servo drive. It includes 3-axis servo drives in one frame to support real-time data exchange among three axes without any time delay and provides 3-axis synchronous motion control with performance better than comparable servo drives. Such as a diy solution with ASDA-A3 and ASDA-A2 drives.

This synchronous features set allows a new gantry control function for synchronous control that is precisely adapted to pure rigid mechanical systems.

delta ASDA-M ac servo drive cnc router
Gantry sync application

What features does the ASD-M have?

The main features of the Ac servo drive ASDA-M are as follows:

  • 3 servo drives integrated in one unit
  • 3 external encoder inputs for full closed loop operation (i.e. linear glass scales)
  • Multi axis synchronised motion
  • Expansion capabilities
  • Step/dir input
  • See Datasheet for all the information
Delta ac servo drive ASD-M ASD-M-0721-M ASDA-M ASDA-M-0721-M
Delta-motion ASD-M inputs outputs from datasheet

Benefits of such a drive for a (DIY) CNC router application?

One of the most challenging items I came across with my Mightymill build was Y-axis (gantry) synchronisation during high speed machining (HSM). In more DIY style of routers this is often something that is overlooked.

But when your goal is to develop a semi-professional system these become aspects that need to be mitigated.

When you are doing high speed machining (HSM) with feed rates of 10000mm/s and up AND require accurate parts gantry synchronisation becomes a serious problem.

The ASDA-M servo drives solves this solution by integrating multi axis synchronisation of Position, Speed and torque with a 16kHz loop speed. In addition it is basically 3 ASD-A2-0721-M drives integrated into one. This makes the overall installation much easier and compact

Image of the Delta ASDA-A2 AC servo drive  ASD-A2
Image of the Delta-motion ASDA-A2 servo drive

Alternative solution? ASD-A2 or ASD A3 drive

Delta offers other servo drives which have the gantry synchronisation function.

The options that I found comes down to basically tying two ASD-A2 drives together or two ASD-A3 drives.

This makes overall wiring and control more difficult. In addition to the lower slower sync rate between axis versus the 16 kHz that the ASD-M offers.

And in case with the A3 drives could require additional communication or hosting over a protocol such as Ethercat. Which makes it more difficult to integrate with DIY style cnc controllers such as UCCNC, Eding CNC or Acorn CNC.

How much does it cost?

Pricing of these ASDA drives varies a lot by country and from which dealer you get it from. I have seen western webshop prices of around 1500 USD while the Taiwan-based prices start from 700 USD for the ASD-M-0721-M model

There are various (second hand?) drives on ebay hovering around 600 USD mark. For the ASDA-M drive that I bought I paid on the lower end of the above range (Taiwan direct) ex taxes ex shipping ofcourse.

For basically three ASD-A2 drives in one I find that a good deal. Especially when looking at the extra features it offers.

How does it work-out in practice?

I’m currently waiting on my ASD-0721-M drives and ECMA-C10604RS AC servo motors to ship from Taiwan. When they arrive I will start mounting them on my machine and share the process with you. Make sure you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. So you don’t miss these updates.

Delta ASD-0721-M AC servo drive
multi axis ac servo drive 3x750w asd m 0721 m canopen 3442001 en G

While looking for a Integrated AC servo drive solution for my MightyMill build, I was tipped by the machine builder DamenCNC to look at the Delta ASDA-M series of AC servo drives for my gantry based cnc router.

Product Brand: Delta

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 800

Price Valid Until: 2023-06-30

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • 3 axis synchronized motion
  • Integrates 3 Delta A2 servo drives in one
  • Is cheaper than 3 separate AC servo drives
  • High power but still compact


  • For DIY router builds perhaps a bit too pricy
  • Misses some of the features Delta A3 drives have
  • Does not support Ethercat
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