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Coming … Professional DIY CNC Machine

I have been working on the next step up of DIY CNC machines which evolves from the options such as the PrintNC and brings DIY cnc router builds to the next level. Featuring items such as ATC spindles, servos, preloaded ball screws and more.

Features of my Professional DIY CNC machine

professional diy cnc machine side view
Mechanics of the CNC gantry
professional diy cnc machine z
Heavy duty Z-axis

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Fusion 360 model

For those interested, check out my fusion 360 model here [updated nov 2022]

Progress pictures

professional diy cnc machine z axis layout
Layout of the z-axis on the aluminium stock – by Azrael_sk
professional diy cnc machine z axis milling
Completed milling of the Z-axis bottom plate – by Azrael_sk

Current status

Currently I’m mainly waiting for the mechanical parts to come in. The electronics such as the spindle and servos are already tested and working.

Items remaining is the plasma cut and powder coated brackets, aluminium profiles and the cnc machined adapters. These should arrive in the coming few weeks (october 2022). And I will be able to start the mechanical build.

Build log

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