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[YouTube] Solo Mission How I Moved a 3.5 ton CNC Mill into My Shop

I Made two versions, AI voiceover and Human voiceover Which one do you prefer? 👇



Solo Mission How I Moved a 3.5 ton CNC Mill into My Shop – HUMAN version
Solo Mission How I Moved a 3.5 ton CNC Mill into My Shop – AI version


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In a remarkable display of determination and ingenuity, the journey of moving a 3.5 ton CNC Mill, the Mycenter Zero by Kitamura, into a personal workshop is shared. The adventure began on New Year’s Eve, a time when assistance was scarce, leaving the task entirely up to the narrator.

Employing VEVOR machine skates alongside a Pallet Jack that I already owned, an attempt was made to maneuver the massive machine into place. Despite the initial optimism, the task proved to be far more challenging than anticipated.

The narrative takes a brief detour to 1992, highlighting the revolutionary introduction of the Mycenter Zero. This wasn’t just any CNC machining center; it was a leap in precision manufacturing, boasting features like a 12k rpm high-speed spindle and compact, robust construction, which enabled the production of complex parts with exceptional precision. Its introduction marked a pivotal moment, setting new standards in the industry and influencing modern machining practices with its ethos of precision, reliability, and innovation.

Returning to the modern-day workshop, the struggle with the machine continues.

Despite several attempts, adjustments, and the use of additional tools, the process was arduous. However, with persistence and a bit of brute force, the machine was finally settled into its new home.

Although the VEVOR machine skates offered some assistance, especially in the final stages, the narrator acknowledges the challenge of such a task when undertaken solo but recommends these tools as a valuable supplement to equipment like a Pallet Jack.

In the end, the mission was a testament to the solo effort and the spirit of innovation that continues to thrive in the world of machining.

The successful relocation of the Mycenter Zero into the workshop, done entirely single-handedly, was not just a personal victory but a nod to the enduring legacy of precision and ingenuity that the machine itself represents.

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